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December 10, 2018

I am way behind posting on my website blog. For some reason, I find it daunting. I’m basically trying to practice enough to “feel out” what is happening with the settings I’m currently on. I’m gradually pushing the voltage up on one setting. I have four possible settings that I can switch between, but the other three don’t seem to work as well as my “A” setting.

Don’t worry -- my doctor did put an upper limit on my remote control. I can, however, get lightheaded and experience some spasms on my left side when I have pushed the “A” setting too high.  I just turned the setting back down when that happened.

That said, what caused me to experience a spasm last week, isn’t causing one this week. Apparently, there’s a threshold I might reach that is optimal. Is everything optimal now? Not just yet. I am playing, performing, teaching. I just want more perfection in my left hand!  I learn more at every visit, and I’ve learned they have many possible parameters as possibilities for me.

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