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I’m so far behind explaining...

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

where I am now in terms of the machine/electrode working, and how things are going. I’m not going to catch up now, but we do know it’s working. The electricity does change my playing, but the right combination has yet to be found. I have been playing concerts, so my performing life isn’t suffering. My mental life sufferers sometimes!  Figuring out the correct setting is not easy.  There’s so much nuance to explain, and I don’t seem to have the energy to explain all the nuance. There have been some bad days and some very hopeful days. All this takes up more of my life than I knew it would.   Today, and the rest of the weekend, I’ll play for the Manassas Ballet using a setting I haven’t used before this week. Every setting feels different to me in my mind and in my hands.  Each one cause new issues, and helps others. I need to stay on this one for weeks, because a setting can take that long to optimize.  I have moments of great fear playing the music, but I did only get this music Sunday night, so this would be a lot for anyone.  I’m on my “B” setting: 2.4 Hz, 90 pulse width, 210 frequency. My regular neurologist that I saw for Botox since I moved here, and who understands this treatment inside and out, says there are 22 million combinations! May the odds be in my favor.

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