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Nickel Family Porch Concerts

Created this summer in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Media spotlight on the Porch Concerts:

May 14th, 6pm

Julianna and James Nickel (NSO, GMU), flute and French horn duos

Kat Nickel (rising junior, Robinson Secondary School), voice

Jonathan Nickel (rising 7th grader, Robinson Secondary School), piano solos

Bob Rearden (NSO, Peabody faculty), and James Nickel, French horn duos

Austin Nordhouse, (rising junior, Robinson Secondary School), marimba solo

Julianna and Jonathan, Danny boy, a tribute to the victims and their families/friends

May 28th, 6pm

James and Julianna Nickel, flute and horn

James Nickel, Bob Rearden (NSO, Peabody faculty), Geoffrey Pilkington (KCOHO, Shenandoah Conservatory), French horn trios

Anna Maria Shockey (2020 graduate of Robinson Secondary School), voice

Harry MacInnis, (rising senior, Robinson Secondary School, voice and piano

Emma Shockey (rising 7th grader, Robinson Secondary School), flute solo

Flute Choir (Julianna Nickel current adult studio, and graduates of George Mason flute studio)

Shannon Chierichella, Christen Soos (GMU), Kathleen Cowan, Matilda Buffereau, Elizabeth Schoepfle

June 24th, 6pm

Kathryn’s Birthday Bash. Many high school singers preformed musical theater numbers. Robinson Secondary School and Fairfax High School

June 28th, 6pm

Laura Halick voice recital. Kat Nickel was one of her performing students

July 24, 7pm

Woodwind Quintet, Octets, and one Nonet

Julianna Nickel,nflute

Meg Owens, Baroque oboe specialist, former GMU oboe professor, Peabody, oboe

Fatma Daglar, Towson University, top area freelancer, oboe

Kathy Mulcahy, GMU, clarinet

Daniel Frazelle, Navy Band, clarinet

Sam Blair, KCOHo, bassoon

Chris Jewell, KCOHO, GMU

James Nickel, Frech hom

Bob Rearden, French horn

August 21, 7pm

Kennedy Center Horn Quartet (James Nickel, Bob Rearden, Geoff Piikington, Wei Ping KCOHO, Peabody)

Kennedy Center Horn Quartet with Julianna Nickel on flute

Adult amateur Nickel Flute Studio solo performances: Elizabeth Schoefle, Julie McDonald (GMU graduate student), Kathy Cowan

Flute choir including adults and Mason alum, Jeongwon Bae (2020), Christen Soos (2018), Eduardo Fajardo (2022), Lily Chartrain (2022)

Horn Choir-15 hornist including the Kennedy Center Horn Quartet member, amateurs and students

September 25, 6pm

Julianna Nickel’s George Mason University Flute Studio, solo flute performances

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